In the begining...

In the begining...
This is our little family when we got married!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Few fall pics!

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season! I took my kiddos to a Halloween carnival and got their pictures taken! these are SO cute i just had to share!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our story (to date!)

Well we met Junior year in HS and Dated on and off. I got pregnant with our oldest daughter early junior year. then on July 12 I had a non stress test, the nurse told me I was having contractions. But i wasn't feeling them. so we went home and my mom went to work and told me to call if it progressed any. So about 2 hours later they were getting pretty painful so i called my mom and we went to the hospital. They checked me and said they were going to have me walk around for 2 hours and check me again. Well 5 hours later they decided to keep me, and at 9:31am on July 13, 2005 i was finally holding my baby girl!
 Then we got serious Senior year. Got engaged spring of 2007. Got Married August 18,2007. Then a couple months later I just wasn't feeling right, and was apparently VERY moody so Payd told me to take a Pregnancy test. and to our surprise it was positive! Baby #2 was on his way! we were SO excited. When we found out he was a boy I wasnt quite sure what to think because it was going to be so Different! Then one night after we had Just eaten dinner and settling down for the night, i was sitting on our computer chair and went to get up and felt a little rush of fluid. which had happened a few times before so i figured maybe i should pay attention to it. About an hour later we decided to head to the hospital and get checked, and sure enough my water had broke! By 11:22 on Oct 13, 2008 i was holding my baby boy!
  Then on our 3 year anniversary i found out i was pregnant again. and with out going into much detail i will just say it was an ectopic pregnancy and we had to have it aborted... But then in January of 2010 to our surprise we found out once again we were expecting! which made us very happy! We were even happier when we found out it was a girl! Then on Labor day after having my mother and step-father over for dinner and re packing my bag for the hospital (i was to be induced the next morning) I showered and got comfy. I decided i wanted a cookie so I got up and started to walk to the kitchen. As soon as i stepped on to the tile i heard this faint "pop" noise and the i was drenched. Yeap my water broke! So after cleaning up the mess (quickly) we went to the hospital. And by 4:01am on Sept 7, 2010 i was holding my baby girl!
  Thats basically our story up till now!